Talent Management Company b2 Releases 15-Track Dance Compilation, ‘Billboard Presents Electric Asia Vol. 1’

Patrick Crowley

Billboard has partnered with Hong Kong-based talent management and entertainment services company b2 to present Electric Asia Vol. 1.

The 15-track dance compilation features an array of artists throughout Asia, including Chinese pop star Jane Zhang, whose Timbaland-featuring single «Dust My Shoulders Off» was remixed by Steve Aoki.

«We are very excited to launch this compilation of some of the most exciting EDM / Dance music from across Asia,» says Jonathan Serbin, CEO of b2. «The genre is growing extremely fast in the region, and this is an opportunity to present Asian talent — both established superstars and top young emerging artists — to music fans around the world.”

You can purchase your copy of Billboard Presents Electric Asia Vol. 1 on iTunes.





АЛЬФА-БАНК представляет главный российский фестиваль электронной музыки и технологий ALFA FUTURE PEOPLE.


Нижний Новгород, берег Волги,
Ещё больше мировых звезд электронной музыки, еще больше водных и экстремальных шоу. Зона технологий и спорта.

Не пропустите главные выходные лета!


Свежий воздух и яркое солнце. Тайный аэродром на берегу Волги. Музыка, которая меняет настроение. Технологии, которые меняют мир. Что нужно, чтобы услышать и увидеть будущее? Все просто. Быть на фестивале Alfa Future People.

Line up: Hardwell / Pendulum / Don Diablo / Oliver Heldens / Boris Brejcha / Nervo / W&W / Cosmic Gate / Dyro / Blasterjaxx / Dubfire / Apashe / Borgore / GusGus / Swanky Tunes / Malaa / Netsky / Zatox / Infected Mushroom / dOP / Gui Boratto / Miss Kittin & The Hacker / Tiga / Triange Sun / Jauz и многие другие.

Первый участник AFP — представитель техно-направления из Германии Boris Brejcha. Стиль, в котором работает немец, сам он называет Hi-Tech Minimal. Кроме того, на AFP 2017 выступит Netsky, с которым зрители фестиваля уже встречались в 2015 году. Boris Daenen, более известный под псевдонимом Netsky, в буквальном смысле взорвал Drum & Bass сцену в 2009 году. Музыка Netsky сочетает в себе стили Liquid Funk и Drum & Bass. Многослойность мелодий, ритмичный бит, легкая усвояемость и частый вокал подарили Борису мировую популярность. Компанию им составит Джорди ван Эгмонд, более известный под своим сценическим именем Dyro — голландский диджей и продюсер, работающий в жанрах Electro House и Trap. На фестивале также выступят исландские звезды мировой электроники «GusGus».

В середине марта объявлен еще один участник фестиваля «Alfa Future People 2017» (AFP). Им стал Джон де Бук, более известный как Apashe — 23-летний музыкант, звукорежиссёр и продюсер из Брюсселя.

Следующий объявленный участник — диджей, автор многочисленных ремиксов и продюсер, голландец Don Diablo! К нему присоединился электронный голландский дуэт W&W!

На фестивале также сыграет своей сет дуэт Gunz For Hire.

В качестве хедлайнера фестиваля выступит голландский диджей Hardwell, работающий в стиле стадионной электронной музыки. В России он исполнит треки с альбома United We Are, вышедшего в 2015 г.

Другие участники фестиваля: Виктор Строгонов — культовый диджей российской сцены, ZATOX, он же Джерардо Росчини — итальянский диджей и продюсер, araabMUZIK — американский битмейкер Эйбрахам Ореллана, британский дуэт JUNGLE, Moodymann — легендарный и загадочный Кенни Диксон Младший, один из патриархов детройского саунда, диджей стадионного масштаба A-Trak — канадец Ален Маклович, Dubfire, Mujuce, диджейский дуэт из Австралии NERVO, а также выступающий в стиле бейс артист из Лос-Анджелеса Jauz.

В этом году важной частью фестиваля ALFA FUTURE PEOPLE впервые станет андерграундная сцена, представляющая золотой фонд современной техно-культуры. Здесь выступят артисты, которые сформировали актуальную повестку и без которых электронная музыка сегодня была бы совершенно иной. Это законодатели моды. Это люди, превратившие «техно» из конкретного жанра в имя нарицательное. Первые два хедлайнер андеграундной сцены: GUI BORATTO — самый успешный бразильский диджей и продюсер и MISS KITTIN & THE HACKER — французский дуэт Каролин Эрве и Мишеля Амато, который стоял у истоков зарождения электроклэша.

Kerri Mason Op-Ed: Dance Music’s Glass Ceiling Is Finally Starting to Crack




In 2013, artist manager Stephanie LaFera and I founded Skylight, a non-profit supporting women in the dance music industry. The next year, we were invited by EDMBiz, the conference hosted by Insomniac Events the week before Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, to present our mission, and introduce the three winners of our inaugural mentorship program. As I stood at the lectern before a sea of male faces and talked about the lack of female representation in the industry, and the very basic desire to support talented women with drive and ideas, I could feel the air going out of the room. Later, my suspicion was confirmed: Our panel got the lowest rating of any throughout the conference’s two days. In short, nobody cared. Business was booming, and with corporate acquisitions, major label deals, and big-ticket residency offers in the air, who had time to think about a bunch of girls?


Billboard’s Dance Power Players 2017: The DJs, Execs and Tastemakers Cueing Up Tomorrow

That same year, Frankie Hutchinson, Emma Burgess-Olson, and Christine Tran quietly launched Discwoman in Brooklyn, N.Y. As EDM waned and the underground reassumed a place of importance in the industry, their goal of supporting female-identifying artists found a mouthpiece: The dance music press. Perhaps it was years of covering white male artists with little to say beyond, “But my next track is a banger.” Or maybe it was an evolving consciousness around dance music’s roots as an expression of the experience of marginalized groups — an inconvenient history that was shed like a wet overcoat when house music became EDM. Regardless, Discwoman’s very existence, and the inventiveness and skills of its roster, started a conversation about diversity that the ruling class — both within and behind the DJ booth — had, up to that point, successfully avoided.

Marshmello and Moe Shalizi photographed on May 31st in Beverly Hills.


Dance Power Players 2017: Photos from the Billboard Shoot

Cut to this year — a year of pussy hats and eerily timed Margaret Atwood revivals and a renewed sense of urgency around equality — and the movement has found that rare and powerful thing: A brand partner. Smirnoff launched the “Equalizing Music” initiative on International Women’s Day in March, and like State Street’s “Fearless Girl” statue and platform, it gave the program teeth: A call to industry leaders, all of whom like parent company Diageo’s sponsorship dollars very much indeed, to pledge to increase representation of women in bookings, media, and music streaming. Spotify, Pitchfork, iHeartRadio, Deltic Group, Mixmag, Vice, and Insomniac all signed on.

There will still not be much comfort for this mother if one day her now-two-year-old announces that she wants to be a DJ. But thanks to the progress of the last few years, she’d enter an industry that wouldn’t automatically see her as unmarketable, and in need of a shorter skirt and a ghost producer. This is progress.




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Major Lazer & Camila Cabello Have Made ‘Over 20 Songs’ Together: Exclusive



Major Lazer are dishing some major details about their studio time with Camila Cabello.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard Dance on Tuesday, the dance supergroup divulged more about their forthcoming collaborations with the former Fifth Harmony member. The trio’s founder Diplo has teased their studio time together multiple times on Snapchat, the latest being back in January alongside Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat.

And it seems the year-long stream of social media snippets resulted in a lot of unreleased material between them.

“We made like 20 songs with Camila Cabello,” Diplo says. “We love her.”

The Grammy winner also reflected on the time Walshy Fire took the “Bad Things” singer to one of her first club nights back in their hometown of Miami. “I do a party every Tuesday in Miami called ‘Rum N’ Bass’ at Coyo Taco, and she came through and nobody cared,” says Walshy. “And she turned way up. And it was dope, loud trap music.”


Diplo confirmed that there is a particular track in mind, set for release in the near future, but that “until we have the video and the song is on iTunes, you never know.” He adds, “But of course we have stuff with her. She’s done stuff with a lot of our friends, like Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco, Frank Dukes — a lot of great producers we work with.”

There’s a good reason Camila has developed a close working relationship with the powerhouse trio: In the midst of her skyrocketing fame, she feels grounded when she’s with them. “Sometimes we just take for granted because we’re old, we’re not even famous,» Diplo says. «When you’re young and you’re that amazing and famous like that, it’s hard to live and be normal. When we’re with her, she enjoys that time because we take her places where she can enjoy herself. We love her, her voice is amazing. We’ve done many demos.”

Major Lazer also confirmed working with Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Sam Hunt, Wale and WizKid.


As for that Ariana Grande tease Diplo previewed back in August, he says it’s been difficult getting their release schedules to align.

“We did some stuff with her. She has a bunch of songs coming out; not sure how it fits in. The thing with bigger stars is it’s hard to find that timing. We’re competing with them now in the market, so we just want to make sure everyone is happy.”

As fans impatiently await the arrival of Music Is the Weapon — the follow-up to Major Lazer’s Peace Is the Mission, which includes hit single “Cold Water” featuring Justin Bieber and MO and their current release “Run Up” alongside Nicki Minaj and PartyNextDoor — they shouldn’t expect a traditional album release.

“We have more unreleased music than ever before right now,» Diplo says. «Major Lazer has always been a summer act; we’ve always had our streaks during the festival seasons. We’re a little late this year, but we’re going to start putting out records next month into May, a bunch of new singles. We have about four songs coming out before the summer is over. … A lot of artists right now have proven that you can just flood the market with music.”

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Reddit Users Compile 24-Hour 2017 Mix Feat. Daft Punk, deadmau5 & More

Daft Punk perform at the 56th Grammy Awards at Staples Center on Jan. 26, 2014 in Los Angeles.

Reddit just gave us a gift.

Reddit users Chiafriend12 and TWI2TED compiled 647 songs into a day’s worth of music for a very solid 24-hour year mix including everything from deep house, hardstyle, trance and so much more broken into four 6-hour segments. Some of the artists featured include Daft Punk and deadmau5.

The newly founded tradition started in 2016 when r/electronicmusic unleashed the first 24 hour mix and it looks like they’re going to keep it going. The mix celebrates all types of music, including a ton of underground gems.

Check out the segments below.


  • Апрель 6, 2017 // Music

Zara Larsson — So Good Album Review


Remarkably, five of the tracks from this record have already been lifted as singles — but that’s not to say anyone purchasing the album is getting short changed, as there are 15 tracks. The opening ‘What They Say’ is mellow and mid-tempo, before irresistible summer anthem ‘Lush Life’ provides the first indication that Larsson’s hype has some justification. Along with the sassy ‘Ain’t My Fault’ (on which she proves a competent rapper), the songstress produces the kind of crossover quality that makes fans of other genres take note. They’re not quite of the ubiquitous quality of a ‘Poker Face’ or ‘Umbrella’, but they’re not far off.

Where Larsson also excel is in her choice of collaboration.  ‘Never Forget You’ employs the soulful talent of MNEK for a slick duet, while working with Clean Bandit is currently about as close to guaranteeing a hit as you can get. The result here is the dance floor filling ‘Symphony’. This isn’t to say she can’t hold her own — ‘I Would Like’ is house-infused, while the anthemic ‘Sundown’ would arguably work better without the vocals of Wizkid. What holds this back from being a stunning pop album is the slower numbers, but when the energy is lifted, Larsson is undeniably infectious.

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